Opening soon


Opening soon at Constitution Place

Lunch – Wednesday to Friday

Dinner – Monday + Wednesday to Saturday (closed Tuesday)

2 sittings – 6pm or 8pm

About Omakase


‘Omakase’ = ‘I’ll leave it up to you’


In Japanese Omakase dining, customers entrust their meal entirely to the Chef, who will select and serve a customised menu based on the best-in-market that day. 


It is a highly intimate and personal dining experience, with the chefs serving the dishes to customers directly. The Chef will present a series of small plates of up to 15-18 courses. 


Mu Omakase offers one fixed price menu only, with drinks additional.


Due to the nature of Omakase dining and complexity of preparation, we are limited in the dietary requirements that we are able to cater for. 


All dietary requirements require at least 3 days notice. 

We offer a vegetarian version of our menu( 6 -8 courses ). 


Please inform us of any allergies or dietary requirements when you make your  booking, and we will let you know if we are able to accommodate them. 


If you have a wide range of dietary requirements that are beyond our scope to cater for, we apologize that we may not be able to cater for you this time .


We are not able to change the menu around any food items around personal preferences or dislikes. Please consider dining with us as an opportunity to experience the ingredients and dishes as they are presented.

We invite you to arrive up to 10 minutes before the starting time. 


Dining begins precisely at the designated time of your booking for all diners in the sitting.


If you arrive late or leave before your scheduled time, note that we can’t serve you all the dishes and the price will remain the same.


If you are more than 30 minutes late, we will consider your reservation a cancellation without notice and you will be charged in full. 

Children 12 years old and over are welcome, but they must be comfortable in an adult space and be able to eat an adult menu.

Omakase is by nature an intimate experience between you, the Chef, the staff and other diners. Please be mindful that the enjoyment of the dining experience relies on everyone being respectful and considerate of each other at all times. Please turn your mobile phone to silence and talk on your mobile phone in the bar area or away from the Omakase dining room .

At the beginning of every quarter, we accept reservations for the next quarter.

On January 1: April through June

On April 1: July through September

On July 1: October through December

On October 1: January through March in the next year


Current reservation period:  TBA

Next round opens:  TBA

Maximum frequency you can book: two times per quarter


Reservation enquiries can be made via


If you express your interest with us, we will offer you the first opportunity to book when the next reservation period opens.

Cancellation anytime after the reservation is made: 10% charge of menu cost applied


Cancellation less than 72 hours prior to the  booking day: 50% charge of menu cost applied


Cancellation less than 24 hours prior to booking day : 100% charge of menu cost applied


Reservations can be transferred to another diner, conditions apply.