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‘Omakase’: from the Japanese ‘to entrust’ (任せる, makaseru). Translates to ‘leave it up to you’.


The essence of Omakase is placing trust in the expertise of the professionals who are serving you to provide the best possible pairings for you. In Omakase dining, the customer leaves it up to the restaurant to select and serve whatever dishes they consider best on the day for them. Omakase is not exclusive to sushi and is common across all types of restaurants, bars and stores, from neighbourhood diners to fine dining, to wine bars and cocktail bars.

In Western countries, we often associate this Omakase with sushi dining experiences where you are served by the chef. However, Omakase is not limited to the chef preparing food in front of you at the counter and serving you personally – this style of service is known as ‘Itamae’ and is just one type of Omakase dining.


At Mu, we curate our menu based on seasonality and quality of ingredients, and diners are presented with a series of plates in a tasting menu style, moving from lighter fare to heavier courses. Please ask us about our Omakase sake and wine pairings as well. 


arigatou gozaimasu
Thank you and we hope to see you soon.



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Current reservation period: until 30th April, 2024.


Bookings for May will be released on the first Friday of March.


Enquiry: mu.canberra@gmail.com

29th – 30th Mar : Closed for Good Friday and Holy Saturday
We offer 2 seating options for your dinner.
CHEF’S COUNTER – Dine Japanese style by sitting around our counter, sharing conversation and the experience with a small group of other diners, while watching the chef in action.

PRIVATE TABLE – An intimate setting. Enjoy the same menu at your own table in a separate bar area.

Tuesday to Thursday: one sitting at 7PM. (Same day booking cut-off time at 5PM.)



Friday to Saturday: two sittings at 5:45PM/8PM. (Same day booking cut-off time at 3:45PM/5PM.)

A pre-payment of the menu cost at $175pp is required to secure your reservation.


Premium sake pairing at $130pp is available.


Click here to view our sample menu.

At the moment we can only cater to limited dietary requirements. Please inform us of any allergies or dietary needs as detailed as possible when you make the booking. Please also let us know how many of you the dietary requirements are for.

We are unable to cater to requests for no seafood/vegetarian meals at this stage due to the limited capacity of our small kitchen team.

There are 2 convenient parking locations.

– Constitution Place – new underground car parking

– The southwest side of the Constitution Avenue car park

Find Us

1 Constitution Avenue, Canberra City 2601

e. mu.canberra@gmail.com