Backyard Swirls (pack of 4)


2018 Le Facteur ‘Extra Brut’ Chenin

2020 Sol Blanco Roussanne Grenache

2019 Cibone Tentations Rose (Grenache)

2020 AOW Lambrusco Maestri

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2018 Le Facteur ‘Extra Brut’ Chenin:

Racy and dry sparkling Chenin.

2020 Sol Blanco Roussanne Grenache:

Pear, Nectarine screams spring! Gets you salivating.

2019 Cibone Tentations Rose (Grenache):

Red fruit bit of terroir smokey hue, nice acid and fresh as.

2020 AOW Lambrusco Maestri:

Wild.Whole Berry cluster aged in that sweet french oak.