Sunset Boulevard (pack of 3) (Copy)


2020 Kidoizumi Shuzo Shizenmai Sparkling (360ml)

In The Mood For A Bijou 200ml (serves 2)

4 pack Sailor’s Grave Draught

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2020 Kidoizumi Shuzo Shizenmai Sparkling:

[Pure, Ferment start, No charcoal, Unpasteurised, Undiluted]

Creamy complexity, Fresh ferment, dry with hits of fruit. Think of a sake spritz.

In The Mood For A Bijou 200ml:

Broker’s Gin – Green Chartreuse – Sweet Vermouth – Bitters

Herbaceous punchy stir down, serves 2.

4 pack Sailor’s Grave Draught:

Fresh honest beer